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Segeani :RS: 1.0 -WIP- by thatdumbhorse Segeani :RS: 1.0 -WIP- by thatdumbhorse

N a m e: Seageani Ochi Kaeyan
N i c k n a m e: Segen
G e n d e r: female
S p e ci e s: Sirin (SirenxHuman)
A g e: 19
H e i g h t: 5'9"
W e i g h t: 149lbs
S k u l l: ???
B u i l d: Slim, agile and "pretty". Pretty much of a mixture between hipster and punk. She's utterly strong for her age.
F o o d: Consists mostly on half human food and blood. Tends not to be seen while feeding on blood, more likely from large wild animals, not domestic. She's pretty pacifist. (She loves Nutella so yeah ;U; OH! And Frappuccinos too).
P e r s o n a l i t y: Pacifist yet strong tempered. She can be easily annoyed and also easily amused (more if she's under the Nutella hyper effects). She can be found reading, drawing or just chilling on a tree. Loves music and plays the piano and the bass. Segen is more or less a well trained "military girl"; she knows how to handle a weapon though she prefers a crossbow. Also, loves to play videogames such as CoD, MK9 and all those stuff.
Geek is somehow a good word to describe her, she's brilliant and gets things easily, pretty much a fast learner.
H i st o r y: (Will come up later when I have her complete ref. up ^^)

R e l a t i o n s h i p s
F a t h e r: Yogan (Siren)
M o t h e r: Unknown
S i b l i n g s: None.
B f /M a t e: Not yet.
F r i e n d s: None yet.

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Toastpocalypse Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2013
Yogan's a daddy? :la: :squee:
Great work hun!
thatdumbhorse Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yup! She looks more like Yogan though xDD
She had no traits of her momma except her personality ;U;
Toastpocalypse Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2013
That's adorable x3
Zauron's too old (like 500 I think) XD
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July 8, 2013
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