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Part 3 of a RP between Aslan and Napoleon

by thatdumbhorse and CoolEmoticon

SoW: Aslan by thatdumbhorse

SoW - Napoleon Application by CoolEmoticon



Napoleon hadn't expected this reaction; he had expected Aslan to be much more excited! His confusion was tearing him apart, which saddened Napoleon. "My master does not care for collars, nor does he care what I run off as long as I return, so your freedom is practically unlimited," Napoleon replied, offering a warm, genuine smile. "Not to mention, master is almost never home, so you could leave as you please," Napoleon reassured. "As for the choice between me and this Giselle, it's all up to you. If she loves you back, I'm sure she would support your choice as much as I would." Sure, Napoleon wished Aslan would choose him, but love is difficult to just throw out, even for your friends. Napoleon walked closer to the other, and layed a few feet away from his comrade. "I'll support your choice and back you up either way." When he smelled the saltiness of tears, Napoleon offered the other a pat on the back, "it's alright, no need to feel ashamed; life can be overwhelming from time to time." Napoleon was never good at comforting others in need, but for Aslan, he'd help out to the best of his abilities. 


Aslan felt relieved by hearing this from his friend. It soothed his conscience quite a bit that Napoleon had laid by his side and gave him comfort, even after this situation was never expected to happen. After all, this was actually a very tough decision he had to make, to choose who to stay with. He was still overwhelmed, and felt the need to go through his thoughts more than once; re-checking the advantages and disadvantages of each option. Both were great, the greatest he had been offered in quite a while, or more like he had ever been offered.

”Would you mind if I go through it for a while?”, he requested, then added, ”by myself?”. He made some sort of grimace, hoping his friend would understand the fact this was a tough decision, or at least not felt that Aslan was actually just leaving him. 


Napoleon gave the other a curt nod, indicating his approval. "I'll still stay by your side, regardless of your decision. I promise," Napoleon finished. "If you ever need my help, or company, don't be afraid to find me." He gave Aslan his unusual, sincere smiles. He wished, deep down, that he could help his new friend to the best of his ability, but he knew this was a situation that neded to be settled on his own, and Napoleon would respect that. 


Aslan huffed, overjoyed, at the thought of his friend’s comforting acts. It was one of the greatest sensations, having someone to trust with and know their support will remain by your side. The white and brown dog stood to his fours, and nudging his partner, he headed to the entrance where he first smelled his possible new home. He stopped by the mat, and looked at Napoleon, squinting his eyes as giving a feel of worry; he then dipped his head, smiling. Thank youwas read in his eyes, then jumped the fence and galloped through the street.

Panting, he headed towards the outter areas of Nome, where the river that flowed from the lake could be heard rumbling against the pebbles and many other rocks. Aslan then slowed down and padded back and forth, back and forth; he analyzed all three scenarios, along with their possible outcomes. His mind was racing, his face was frowned in intense concentration; it was a tough decision indeed. Napoleon offers me freedom with a place to stay, along a cozy warm bed and ready-food, he began thinking to himself. Yet, he interrupted his thoughts, Giselle offers me a much luxurious place, commodities and even training. Besides, I’d come home to see her and be mostly her “personal” guard and companion. It was definitely one of those two, since he’d hate having to go scavenging and living in that card box near the butcher and some trash cans, being exposed to be caught by the dog pound.

He fell to his stomach, laying his head on his paws, exhausted. Which to choose? How could he ever know where should he go? Aslan felt silent for a while, closing his eyes and listening to the water flowing. In a sudden, it hit him. ”That’s it!”, he almost yelled, ”the shamans in the northern mountains! They’ll be able to help me”. He remembered one of his mother’s lessons, talking about the strong and mysterious wolf pack that lived in the mountains. He stood at once, but then pondered another problem. Should I let Giselle, Napoleon, and my friends know?

He shook his head. ”No, that’d only worry them and they’d follow me”, he grunted. Then, as quick as a second, he sprinted through the clearing, and took the path that headed towards the northern areas. 

"Do not fret... I'll return".

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